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1. Add your pick-up location to your cart.

2. Shop from our variety of local and farm-fresh products.

3. Pay online or pay at the time of pick-up.

4. Show up at your pick-up location and receive your Fresh Green Cooler Bag!

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- What is a Buying Club? -

Simply, it’s an online farmers market. Here’s what’s unique about this one:


Are you someone with a food philosophy that insists on real food, grown locally on small family farms without toxic chemical inputs? Do you want to feed yourself and your loved ones with food that grows naturally rather being created in a chemistry lab? Would you like to be part of a “food chain” with farmers who care about the earth and work in cooperation with natural processes?


If so, the Good Food Buying Club operated by Wings of Dawn Farm may be a source for you.


A Buying Club is not a CSA.

A Buying Club allows you the flexibility to order only the meats and produce you desire on a regular basis. Payment is made for each order so you do not have a large up-front expenditure as you do with a CSA. You also make your own choices about what you will receive each time. 

Wings of Dawn Farm in cooperation with other local farmers and vendors who share our growing philosophy offers the opportunity to purchase a variety of seasonal vegetables, fresh-cut herbs, fruit, pork, chicken, beef, lamb, turkey, honey, milk, eggs, and coffee throughout the growing season.


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- Benefits of a Buying Club -

  • No membership fees or up-front costs

  • No minimum order requirement

  • No contracts or commitments

  • Join anytime

  • Order only the products you want

  • Real food, grown locally on small, family farms

  • Pickup fresh-from-the-farm products in convenient locations