Meet the Farmers

Operating in and around Alamance County, NC.

- Phoenix Farm -

Jackson and Anna Holt are passionate about raising wholesome, delicious fruits and vegetables for their family and local community on their small, one-and-a-third acre farm. 

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Phoenix Farm at Durham Farmers Market

- Mike's Local Honey and Produce -

All honey, from different areas and times of year, will taste differently. Our honey is a wildflower honey that is comprised mostly of Tulip Poplar nectar, with some blackberry and other flower nectar mixed in. The Tulip Poplar nectar provides a slight redish tint to the honey, while keeping it very sweet, not overly light in flavor, but not overpowering either. It's a very sweet honey, and great for teas, cooking, or just taking a spoonful every now and then.

Our honey is never pasteurized or high-pressure filtered so it keeps all the trace vitamins, minerals, enzymes, flavors and aromas of fresh honey, straight from the hive.

We maintain a small, family owned and operated farm that is committed to doing what's best for the bees, keeping healthy, strong colonies. I put alot of work into producing this honey, and I know you will love it!

All raw, unfiltered honey will granulate in time. This will happen with all natural honey and doesn't mean the honey has "gone bad" (honey will never spoil unless it gets exposed to water). Simply heat the container in a hot pot of water to re-liquefy. We recommend not heating it over 100 degrees to prevent the loss of flavor, enzymes, and nutritional benefits. But heating it up to 150 degrees for a short period of time will re-liquefy granulated honey faster.

This honey has been processed by one person: me, the beekeeper. No packagers, producers, middlemen, or other people handling your honey. I prepare the bees, put the supers on, take the supers off, extract the honey from the comb, put it into the bottle and ship it to you. That simple! Just as it should be.

I'm passionate about my bees and my honey, so if you see or think of something you would like let me know. I love to talk bees!

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- Reverence Farms -

Reverence Farms is 400 passionately pastured acres with organic practices, animals are revered, eat a species-appropriate diet and the land is regenerated. We thrive to raise nutrient dense food with integrity and are proud to share through our Mobile Farm Store, delivering to your neighborhood, and serve at our Cafe. We started this farm as a homestead to feed our family and we are serious about what it means to say “this is real food”.

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- Forest Moon Farms -

We are Diana and Tom Kerr, the owner/operators of Forest Moon Farms. We moved to Liberty from South Carolina in 2017 to expand our all natural farm.  We strive to provide the freshest, tastiest, all natural produce in Alamance County. Along with growing produce, Diana has her own all natural skin care product line called Natural Nettie's. Diana makes body butter, lip balm, and aroma therapy products with the flowers and herbs that we grow right here in Liberty. Come stop by the farm, we are located off of Hwy 49, or check us out at one of the local farmers markets.

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- Ran-Lew Dairy -

Randy and Teresa Lewis raise pastured dairy cows fed a non-GMO diet in Eli Whitney. The farm bottles cream-top (non-homogenized), small-batch pasteurized whole milk, low-fat milk, chocolate milk, half and half, and whole cultured buttermilk.

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- T-5 Farms -

Randy Thompson and family sell their products to local restaurants and at several farmers’ markets in the area. T-5 will supply us with chicken, beef, vegetables and fruit.

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- Wings of Dawn Farm -

- Wings of Dawn Farm -

Michael Pollan’s observation, “You are what what you eat eats too,” reminds us to consider carefully what we feed our animals and our soil. Jan and Charlie Ansell along with Jenny McCarthy will supply eggs, pork, heirloom vegetables, flowers, figs and grapes.

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- Alamance Kaffee Werks -

Alamance Kaffee Werks is passionate about roasting coffee, the right roast for the the right bean at the right value. Since AKW is a small batch roastery, the beans are roasted in small batches with precision and care. 

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