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We, as a group, believe that we can grow beautiful, delicious, nutritious fruits and vegetables without any need for harmful, chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. Routine spraying is not utilized by our participating farms. 


We also believe that its important to feed ourselves, our families, and our friends, with food that tastes good, makes you feel good, and is safe. That's why we utilize natural, time-tested, sustainable practices in our fields, greenhouses, hoop-houses, orchards, vineyards (and just in case we didn't cover everything, we mean everywhere).


We believe in nourishing and healing the soil by utilizing cover crops, compost additions, and crop rotation. Pests are controlled through hand-removal, pruning dying leaves, companion planting, row covers, and allowing beneficial insects to thrive. We discourage weeds with landscape fabric and remove weeds with farmer-controlled hoeing and weeding, as necessary.

Chicken Eggs: Our laying hens live in mobile coops on chemical-free pasture, ready to travel to fresh grass. They are fed local, organic grain supplemented by all the grass & bugs they can find and produce rich, nutritional, large brown eggs with deep orange yolks.

Pork: Our pork comes from heritage pigs: KuneKune crosses sustainably raised on chemical-free pasture. They are supplemented with local, organic grain. (organic grain, by definition, is non-GMO and contains no animal byproducts). Processed in a local Animal Welfare Approved facility under USDA inspection. Our pigs are smaller than commercial breeds so the retail cuts are proportionately smaller and the meat is juicy and full of flavor. 

Beef:  Our beef comes from lean pasture-raised Limousin beef. In addition to pasture, our cows are fed a small portion of grain, about 25% of their diet for the last 60-90 days to add marbling to the meat. 

Chicken: Our pasture-raised chickens are all-natural, antibiotic-free, raised without growth hormones, fed no animal by-products, and moved to fresh pasture daily. Our chickens are lean, meaty birds, with huge breasts. With these chickens you can be assured to get all chicken, every time. We don't add water or brine, ever.

Turkey: Pastured Turkey. Certified organic, locally-milled grain. Frequent fresh pasture. Harvested on-farm with love.

Lamb: Pastured Lamb. Rotationally grazed heritage St. Croix sheep. No grain.

Milk: Ran-Lew Dairy milk is wholesome and natural, pretty much the way it came out of the cow and it's bottled right on the farm. Our milk is batch, or low-temperature pasteurized​​​, preserving the naturally occurring nutrients and enzymes while killing the pathogenic bacteria. Our milk is non-homogenized -- the cream rises to the top after it's been sitting. 

Ran-Lew Dairy cows spend their days grazing in pastures around the milking barn​​. Our cows eat a GMO-free diet. ​​They are not given artificial hormones and they are only treated with antibiotics when they are sick, which is rare (and in those cases their milk is not processed). 

Coffee: Local small-batch roasted coffee from Alamance Kaffee Werks. 


Honey: Our honey is raw, filtered, wildflower honey from local honey bees.

Fresh Cut Herbs: Our fresh-cut herbs will have you wishing it was summer all year round. Great in savory dishes, sauces, dressings, and even added to refreshing summer beverages. 


Fresh Cut Flowers: We will have seasonally available fresh-cut flowers. 

More: Stay tuned to see what else we might have available as the season progresses!